Squeezing our dreams into your shoes.

Living life to the fullest is the Lemon Jelly motto . In everything they do there is heart, a belief and that inevitable drop of lemon.

After several years working with moulded footwear, Lemon Jelly gave life to the desire of immortalizing in plastic an iconic style, the Chelsea boot in 2011.

Since then there have been thousands of pairs sold and a constant work of perfecting what is almost perfect already. Over the years, Lemon Jelly have complemented their colour palette with a set of finishings, from the charming shine to the waterproof velvet, which allow you to use your booties for any occasion.

For more reserved or eccentric women, relaxed or avant-garde, all of them will find here, a bootie or shoe to express… just like our principles we take life serious, just not too much.